Introductory Task:
You have been employed by penguin, the book company to put together a work folder that helps in the promotion of the novel 'Hating Alison Ashley'. The first thing that you must do is create an information chart that compares the two main characters (Alison Ashley and Erica Yurken) in a visual and descriptive way. The character profile below is an example of how you can set out your information. You will need to do a detailed profile for both Alison and Erica which need to be done neatly and in colour. You can choose the information headings that you give for each piece of information used.

Chapter (1-4) Questions

1. Using evidence to support your ideas, what does Erica Yurken think about the lifestyle that she is living?

2. The final sentence in chapter 2 says 'And from the first day I hated her'. What effect does this final sentence have on the storyline of the book and why?

3. What have you enjoyed about the book so far?

4. Can you relate to any of the characters in the book? Why, or why not?

5. Erica spends a great deal of time in the school sick bay complaining about various ailments ranging from rhinitis to a hiatus hernia. Re-read page 5 of the novel, and briefly discus Erica's medical conditions. Why does Erica spend so much time in the sick bay?

6. Create a small photo album of Erica's family that includes 2 photographs of each member (Mum, Lennie, Harley, Valjoy, Jedda and Erica). This can be done in your text response book.

7. Much of the text revolves around contrasts between Erica and Alison. List some of these contrasts. Re-read pages 20-21 (chp 3) and highlight the differences between Erica's and Alison's lunchboxes. Below this you are to draw what you picture the two lunchboxes to look like.

8. Create a map of Barringa East Primary School using the detailed information on pages 22-26.

Chapter (5-6) Questions

1. The characteristics of local high schools are discussed in Chapters five and six. Brainstorm students impressions of high school using a bubble map.bubble_map.jpg

2. Referring to pages 46-48 and page 53 (chp 5), complete two diary entries, one for Erica and one for Alison, that record their feelings about their first day at school.

3. In order to impress Alison, Erica tells white lies. Answer the following true or false questions. You can see the correct answers on pages 48-9 and pages 60-63 of the novel once you have completed them.
a) The Yurkens live near Kyle Grammar School.
b) Erica's real father lives in Queensland.
c) Alison will go to the tech when she finishes primary school.
d) Erica was invited backstage to the performance of Swan Lake.
e) Erica's mum is not a hotel manageress.
f) When Jedda was a baby she was rescued from a burning pram.
g) Barringa High School has a computer room.
h) Lennie does not own a racehorse stud farm.
i) Erica's real father was a test pilot.
j) Lennie is a private security guard.

4. At the beginning of the chapter (5) Miss Belmont hands their projects back to the class. Find the part that describes the part that describes the project of Barry Hollis. What does this description tell you about Barry Hollis?

5. Why did Erica spend so much time showing her project to other students around the school?

6. Do you think that it is fair that the school has photographs showing Barry Hollis in exile? How would the photo's make him feel? What impression do you think it might create when new teachers arrive and see the photos?

7. Compare how the teachers treat Alison and Erica. Give examples from the novel.

8. What does Erica tell Alison that her father used to be? Why do you think she tells her this story? What is the real story?

Chapter (7-8) Questions

1. The Children had to take photos for an interschool student photography competition. What is the problem with Erica's photograph? When Alison spoke to Erica at the rubbish bin about Erica's photo, do you think she was picking on Erica. your opinion.

2. What was it about the camp that Erica was looking forward to and why?

3. When Erica completed the ballot to show who she'd like to share a room with on camp, whom did she select? Why do you think she wrote these names?

4. Find descriptions of Alison's house and make a list of key images that seem different from Erica's house.

5. How does Alison behave when she is in her own house? what do you think that she behaves this way?

6. What were Erica's thoughts when Alison's mother told her off for making so much noise? How do you know this is what Erica thought?

Chapter (9-10) Questions

1. One of the first camp activities was a long, healthy walk. Why wasn't this a successful activity? Why do you think Erica decided to continue on the walk after most other kids decided to stop and rest?

2. When Erica looked at Alison at the top of the Hill, what were her thoughts? Why did she think this?

3. What does Barry Hollis tell Erica will happen on the first night of camp?

4. Why did Erica construct a 'booby trap' under the bedroom window?

5. Draw a picture to show the faces of Erica and Barry when they jumped into the telephone box at the sound of Miss Belmont's voice.

Chapter (11-12) Questions

1. Using Chapters eleven and twelve of the novel, identify which characters made the following quotes. Write the page number next to the answer.

"And i'm fed up with you calling me a snob"

"I always like listening to your excuses"

"Jeez, you kids come on, will you? Ideas?"

"Go on Yuk - show us what we have to do"

"I'm only the understudy"

"Anyone could look spotless if they're an only child"

"That sort of joke belongs in a hotel bar"

"I just feel so proud...."

"It's extremely thoughtless of you to ring your home and wake up your mother"

"Jack the Ripper. Bags me being Jack"

Chapter (13 - 14) Questions

1.Draw a story map showing both Alison and Erica's neighbourhood. Include at least 10 features, such as Erica's and Alison's homes, the schools, and roads that contributed to the re-zoning of the suburb in relation to school attendance.

2.Create an advertising campaign in the form of a poster that persuades people to go to Barringa East Primary.

3.Write a poem that expresses Erica's point of view about her ability.

4.The relationship between Erica and Lennie has started to evolve in these chapters. What has contributed to these changes? And why?

5.Write a review of the performance at school camp. Include your thoughts on how it went and how people reacted to it.

6.Write a letter from Erica to Alison 20 years after the novel has finished. This could include information on things such as careers, family, school memories, travel plans and gossip ,Make a short story .